Frequently Asked Questions
What is "iShopTheWorld" and what can it provide for me with?
iShopTheWorld is a campaign brought to you by iShopChangi offering a curated selection of limited-time-only deals. From accommodations to attractions, insurance to duty-free shopping, all deals are catered to your every travel need, all in one convenient location.
What are the exclusive items/perks offered for users?
Exclusive items are based solely on curated products and are subject to changes. Meanwhile, you can enjoy these site-wide perks:

S$15 OFF S$200 sitewide: Use code 15FORYOU
S$40 OFF S$400 sitewide: Use code 40FORYOU
S$8 OFF S$60 on the travel category products: Use code JETSETREADY

T&Cs apply.
How do I qualify to be part of iShopTheWorld?
Spend & Win Grand Draw
Spend a minimum of S$100 in a single transaction on iShopChangi.com to earn 1 chance at the lucky draw to win a Round-the-World Holiday for two worth S$20,000. Changi Rewards members will earn 5 chances per minimum spend of S$100 in a single receipt.

Fortnightly Contest
Login daily with your account on iShopTheWorld, hunt for a hidden boarding pass on the Destination pages and refer a friend to our pages to score points! The top scorer every two weeks will win travel vouchers worth up to S$1,000.

*No monetary value is pegged to the stamps
Can I stop participating in iShopTheWorld activities anytime?
Yes, you can stop participating any time. But we suggest you to keep at it, as you never know if you'd win the grand prize or the fortnightly prizes!
What are stamps or chances and how do I collect them?
Stamps are the points you have earned from the iShopTheWorld Fortnightly Contest activities. Chances you have earned are for the iShopTheWorld Round-the-World Holiday Grand Draw. To keep track of both Stamps and Chances, head over to the My Passport section on iShopTheWorld pages.
Site mechanics
What do I have to do to receive the Daily Login stamp?
Simply log in to the iShopTheWorld microsite every day (Singapore Standard Time) to earn a stamp. Daily Login stamps are limited to a maximum of 1 stamp per day, so remember to login daily.
What do I have to do to receive the Referral stamp?
Use your unique referral link and code to refer your friend to register an account with us! Once your friend successfully registers for an account and enters your referral code at the login page, you will receive your referral stamp in your Passport.
What do I have to do to gain the Destination stamps?
A hint will be released on iShopTheWorld's home page about where the hidden Boarding Passes are nestled within our Destination pages. Find them to earn your Destination stamps! Each discovered Destination Boarding Pass will earn you 1 stamp. There are a maximum of 7 different Destination Boarding Passes to find. Happy hunting!
What do I have to do to receive a Big Spender chance?
Simply spend a minimum of S$100 in a single receipt on iShopChangi.com to earn 1 chance. Changi Rewards members earn 5 chances for every minimum spend of S$100 in a single transaction. The number of Big Spender stamps represent how many chances you have in the Round-the-World Holiday Grand Draw.
Will my stamps expire?
The stamps collated will only be used for the course of this campaign from 2 Sep - 2 October 2019.
How do I refer a friend to sign up and what are the benefits?
To refer a friend just log into your account, go to My Passport and click on Refer a Friend!
Can I collect multiple stamps in one day?
Yes you can!
Can I collect a stamp without creating an account?
No, you will have to create an account and log in to iShopTheWorld, in order to collect your stamp.
How do I create an account?
You can create an account by signing up via iShopTheWorld, located on the top right menu bar.
Can I play on my friend's behalf?
No, you will not be able to. Prizes will only be awarded to the registered account holder.
How do I get access to the travel deals on iShopTheWorld that are featured in the different Destination pages?
Make sure you're logged in to your account on the iShopTheWorld page. Upon tapping/clicking into the travel deal on the Destination page, you will see a promo code which you can use on our Partner's (i.e. Klook, AXA, Changi Recommends etc.) pages.

For deals that show a link instead of a promo code, copy the link into another browser tab to go directly to our Partner pages. The promotion will be directly applied to our Partner's products and/or services via the unique link.

Alternatively, you can choose to save or email the deal directly to your account/inbox so you can keep track of your favourite deals.
How do I make a purchase on the duty-free products listed on iShopTheWorld's Destination pages?
Make sure you're logged in to your account! Simply click/tap on the product you're interested in, and a new page will open with your product. You can make the purchase immediately for your upcoming trip through Changi Airport.
How quickly will I see my stamps?
Stamps are reflected almost immediately. Receipts are reflected within 1 working day.
Why did I not earn my stamps for this action?
Please let us know the type of stamp you were expecting to receive and we will check on its status!
Can I exchange my stamps for items on iShopChangi?
No, sorry! The stamps are strictly used only for iShopTheWorld acivities and do not have any monetary value stored in them to exchange for items on our site. However, we recommend signing up for or linking your Changi Rewards membership account to shop on iShopChangi. Your online purchases earn you Changi Rewards points that can be exchanged for actual shopping vouchers with Changi Airport. Find out more here
What is the minimum amount of stamps required for the Grand Draw?
There is no minimum number of stamps required. You only need to spend a minimum of S$100 in a single transaction on iShopChangi.com between 2 to 30 September 2019, to receive 1 chance in the lucky draw. Changi Rewards members receive 5 chances instead!
What are the Weekly Giveaways?
Our Weekly Giveaways are attractive featured deals from our Partners that come in very limited stock. Refreshed every Monday, from 1000SGT expect deals to be as attractive as 1-for-1 Airport Transfers or up to S$50 off S$200 hotel bookings with our travel Partners. Distributed on a first-come-first-served, while stocks last basis so remember to login every Monday to get a clue-in on the deals!

Weekly Giveaway deals promo codes and unique links will be sent privately via email to our customers, so do remember to login to your account on iShopTheWorld so get immediate access to the promo details in your inbox.